Step by step in the history of a city


A creative and passionate tour guide who brings a new twist to the stories of a city with a deep rooted historical past.
That is what we call: "A match made in heaven".

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All about our passion

Fascinated by our city's rich historical heritage, its places, its founders, heroes and villains, walk with us for a couple of hours and lets follow in the footsteps of these pioneers. Leave it to your versed guide to show you how to discover the historical treasures of the oldest French- speaking city of North America. For the past few years we have been hard at work perfecting this project that is dear to our heart, and finally we are proud to be able to present you with the fruit of our toils. We do hope that you will enjoy it as much as we do and let us bid you welcome at:" Il était une fois...Kébec!

The story of your guide

Heidi Gervais

Heidi Gervais

A passionnate history buff and city certified tour guide.
She went on to become a Collège Mérici professional tour guide graduate. Her experience began in 2003 while she worked for a local business offering thematic tours of Quebec city.

She fell in love with our fair city, and decided to dedicate her career to give guided pedestrian tours of Quebec. The topics at hand during these tours are anecdotes and stories of the Nouvelle France era, or life in Quebec city as it was then.

Using humor to lighten things up, while she bring you into wonderful places of the city's past.
She will take you on a 2 hours trip through the glorious past of Quebec city.



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